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Commissioners with no idea - Marta Andreasen
Date 27/01/2010 16:27  Author webmaster  Hits 1967  Language Global

Marta Andreasen questions commissioner-designate Ollie Rehn, 11.01.2010• As a Committee substitute member, I was able to put some questions to the Commissioner designates for Economy and Monetary Affairs and Competition, Messrs Olli Rehn and Joaquin Almunia, both of whom have been around the EU a long time.

At the first hearing, I asked Mr Rehn whether he was worried about the effect that membership of the Euro seemed to have on prices in the countries of member states newly joining the Eurozone; such as Estonia for example. Was he concerned that as a result of replacing their own currency with the Euro, the cost of living in Estonia would inevitably increase? And if he was concerned, how was he intending to help the citizens of Estonia, especially as membership of the euro would prevent them from devaluing their currency?

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