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UKIP conference draws record numbers
Date 10/09/2011 14:01  Author webmaster  Hits 4182  Language Global
VIDEO: Nigel Farage - keynote speech

"We are being led by a group of college kids, with no experience of the real world and who always put their careers first.” - Nigel Farage

UKIP's 2011 Annual Conference proved a smash hit with record numbers turning out for the Eastbourne event.

Leader Nigel Farage took the opportunity of his keynote speech to more than 800 delegates to outline the Party's proposal for an English Parliament in a fresh new look at devolution.
Under the new plan, England would have a First Minister and executive which would be responsible for domestic legislation such as education, health, the environment and transport.
Meanwhile, a slate of international speakers went down a storm among the Party faithful.

Dutch MEP Barry Madlener [video], from his country's Freedom Party, gave a strong speech on the importance of retaining national identity and received a standing ovation for his inspirational words.
True Finn Leader Timo Soini [video] was given a hero's welcome for his work as one of the world's leading Eurosceptics as he spoke of the illegality of Eurozone bailouts and gave a common sense perspective on why the EU political project cannot work.
French MP Nicolas Dupont-Aignan [video] charmed the conference crowd with his speech on the rise of the Forward the Republic Party in his country and his plans to run for President.
Daily Express political editor Patrick O'Flynn gave a reflective view on where UKIP stands, noting the party's successes so far and pointing out the pitfalls that could arise as it moves forward. He reconfirmed his newspapers support for UKIP's objectives to loud applause.
With intense media coverage, and Nigel Farage's speech beamed live on the BBC News channel, Party chairman Steve Crowther was delighted at the attention brought to Eastbourne.
"It's been a brilliant reception and a smashing conference," Mr Crowther said.
"It clearly shows that UKIP is clearly Britain's fourth biggest party and increasingly seen by voters as a credible alternative."