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Paul Nuttall: EU plans to turn us into insect-munchers
Date 08/09/2011 16:16  Author webmaster  Hits 3694  Language Global

EU plans to turn us into insect-munchers have been described as “fly in the sky”.
“The European Union has decided to waste £2.65 million of taxpayers money investigating the nutritional benefits of eating insects.

“These wastrel bureaucrats must have spent far too much time watching ‘I’m a celebrity – get me out of here’,” said local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

“Roasted scorpions and pan-fried locusts might be great if you are starving and have no choice. But for heaven’s sake civilisation has actually moved on from a Stone Age diet.”

“I think it's scary just how much time the European Commission spends dreaming up nonsense ideas to waste taxpayers’ money.

There’s a real world out there that needs real answers not mental meanderings,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP’s Deputy Party Leader.

“Apparently so-called experts in Brussels believe insects and other creepy crawlies could be a vital source of nutrition which will not only solve food shortages but also help save the environment.

“I’ve got news for them – eating creepy crawlies is not going to save the world.

“And not only have they launched this three million euro project to promote insect eating they have also asked the UK’s Food Standards Agency to investigate the issue.

“I”m quite sure the FSA have enough to do without devoting time and money to this and it would involve both, as bugs have their own bugs which could be harmful if eaten.

“A Dutch university, which is bidding for the research grant, has described flying insects as ‘shrimps of the sky’. In my view the whole project is fly in the sky,” said Mr Nuttall.