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Army cuts are part of plan to create EU army
Date 05/09/2011 17:23  Author webmaster  Hits 4135  Language Global
Eurocorp LogoBy Gerard Batten MEP

The announcement to make compulsory redundancies in our armed forces are unbelievable given that our armed forces are stretched to almost breaking point fighting two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is being done in the name of cost cutting but there are great many cuts in other areas that should be made first - for example the £15 billion per annum contribution to the EU budget, billions in overseas aid to countries like India and Pakistan that have their own atomic bombs and space programmes, and benefit payments to foreign nationals. Let's cut those first.
After five years on the European Parliament's Defence and Security Committee I can tell you that these cuts are part of a deliberate plan to reduce British armed forces so that they can no longer be viable in their own right and then merged into a 'European Defence Identity' - i.e. the EU's own armed forces.

This process is well underway. One of the first things that David Cameron did on becoming Prime Minister in 2010 was to announce the sharing of an aircraft carrier with the French Navy - albeit we can't afford airplanes to go on it.
The British armed forces are being stabbed in the back by the Government. British Governments of both colours long ago stopped representing the interests of the British people.