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Batten: Government has no grasp of the immigration issue
Date 26/08/2011 14:14  Author webmaster  Hits 2599  Language Global
The latest immigration figures from the Office of National Statistics prove the Government has no grasp of the issue, says UKIP Home Affairs spokesman Gerard Batten.

"The rise of 21% in year on year net immigration figures tears a gaping hole in any pretence that this Government has the faintest idea of how to deal with runaway migration," he said.
"This gives a lie to all those silky promises made by Cameron at the time of the general election and the thousands of sound bites by Government ministers since then. They have lost the plot.
"The figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that net migration to the UK rose from 198,000 to 239,000.
"What this means is that the population of a city the size of Stoke on Trent has arrived in the UK in the last year alone.
"These headline net figures also disguise an even more concerning trend, and that is the transfer of population made clear by the gross figures which show that over half a million, more than the population of Sheffield, have arrived in the last year, while 336,000 have left. The social impacts of this are even greater than the bald figures make clear.

According to another set of figures released today by the ONS, more than half a million Poles are living in the UK, having arrived since the enlargement of the EU, just one Eastern European country!"
"This government is afraid of dealing with the issue and it is frightened of talking seriously about the it."

You can view the full
ONS figures here.

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