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The EU`s trillion-euro plan to tax us out of the crisis
Date 18/07/2011 16:26  Author webmaster  Hits 3324  Language Global
By Marta Andreasen  |  Related VIDEO
The European Parliament heard from Barroso (July 6) about the multi-billion euro hike in the European Commission’s long term budget plan (known as Multiannual Financial Framework) for 2014 -2020.

The total – a staggering and mind-boggling €1025 billion – will fund a new '2020' strategy voted through Parliament recently.

The ‘plumping up’ of the EU budget that I referred to in my previous blog piece does not allow one to trust that the Commission is asking taxpayers to fund real needs. And It is not as if we don’t have enough serious problems in the UK without adding further taxes to our collective misery.

Yet, I remain dumbfounded that while we are suffering austerity at home, the European Commission has come up with an increase of 11% for the next long term budget.

However, what really beggars belief is the master-plan that these huge financial demands hinge upon: The 2020 strategy.

Let us remember that the present financial plan was supposed to support the Lisbon strategy. The one that would make Europe the most competitive economy in the world. It was and is by anyone’s measure a failure.

Yet the new one being proposed for the period 2014/2020 is adamantly being touted as a way out of the crisis. How anybody can seriously believe this is beyond me.

Ah, but this time the Commission tells us will be different. The solution is to tax us out of the crisis! They will burden us with yet more taxes, even if they try to convince the public that they are only making the “naughty” banks pay.

The UK government must not allow this to happen.