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Dartmouth: Suspend the Ruinous European Arrest Warrant
Date 14/07/2011 22:17  Author webmaster  Hits 4851  Language Global
"There should be an immediate suspension of the European Arrest Warrant, and police and governments should cooperate in order to supress international crime," UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said in a debate with Lib Dem MEP Sir Graham Watson at the European Parliament in Brussels, July 14 (on europe&you).

William Dartmouth said "it is perfectly possible for governments and police forces to cooperate without suspending completely and trashing the hard-won liberties of British law that have been established over generations."

"The unusual characteristics that this piece of legislation has, is that it is ruining people's lives, and people are suffering cruel and unusual punishment. That is why it is unreformed and unreformable and should go," said the Earl of Dartmouth, adding that
"the primary purpose of the law is to protect people from random arrest and arbitrary imprisonment. It is only a secondary purpose to actually punish people."


"what the EAW has done... is that it has thrown out the long-established protections of British law, specifically, Habeas Corpus - 'No imprisonment without trial'."

"Anybody can be carted off to a foreign country - to a former Eastern Bloc country - and there they are subjected to a legal system which simply lock people up for long periods with no trial even being considered.

"It was sold as being a way of curing terror in the backwash of 9/11 a being something that would apprehend terrorists and as you rightly said (addressing the interviewer), actually the vast majority of European Arrest Warrants are used for comparatively minor offences and in many cases for offences that would not be offences in the State from which the person is being carted off."

The EAW "was ill-thought out. Many bits of ill-thought out legislation come into law - it's one of the things that politicians do."