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EU no champion of human rights in China after bond purchases
Date 11/07/2011 17:35  Author webmaster  Hits 2845  Language Global
EU Council president Herman van Rompuy visits China, 17.05.2011 - Photo: EU Council - consilium.europa.euFollowing the Chinese government's purchase in recent months of large amounts of distressed bonds from indebted EU states such as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, we now hear from China's EU ambassador that the EU has taken a softer stance on human rights abuse in China.

"Is this train of events just a coincidence or is their a clear link between the Chinese buying euro currency bonds and the EU going quiet on the abuse of human rights in China?" UKIP MEP from London,
Gerard Batten said in response to the latest Chinese government statement.

"It is clear to observers on the ground that abuse of human rights is still rampant in China.

"It is quite appalling that the EU is happy to let millions of Chinese suffer because it has taken a lot of money from this dictatorial Communist regime.
"It shows the EU is no champion of human rights, and once again China is guilty of economic bullying of the most blatant kind. I find this stance unacceptable. Now is the time for Britain to take a stand."

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