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UKIP administer last rites to euro
Date 24/06/2011 19:16  Author webmaster  Hits 3867  Language Global
As EU Leaders met in Brussels to discuss the ongoing crisis in Greece, UKIP took to the streets to hammer home the message that the euro is dead.

UKIP pallbearers, including UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, along with a priest administering the Last Rites, carried a coffin containing the euro around the streets of the European Parliament.

UKIP has been predicting for years that Greece would be the first casualty of the euro, and finally the political elite are now seeing this prediction come true.

Whilst Downing Street is trumpeting David Cameron's success at the summit in achieving a commitment that the UK would not be expected to contribute to a second bailout of Greece, UKIP said that in reality the UK was bailing Greece out because of its IMF involvement.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "David Cameron is being totally disingenuous when he says UK will not contribute to Greek bailout: the UK has already contributed €1.2 billion (£1 billion) in the first Greek bailout (via the IMF) and has agreed to double its contribution to the IMF by giving an extra £9.2 billion," he said.

To date the UK has committed £12.5 billion to help bailout Greece, Portugal and Ireland. UKIP's No More Bailouts campaign continues to gain support, find out more by clicking

See Conclusions of the EU Council meeting, 23-24 June 2011.