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Governments waking up to EU budget rise
Date 23/06/2011 14:11  Author webmaster  Hits 2850  Language Global
By Marta Andreasen MEP

• I recently spoke out in Strasbourg against the Garriga report which wants to increase the next long term EU budget by 5%.

During the debate the arch federalist Guy Verhofstadt took a swipe at the British government. Mocking it, he repeatedly called it “Her Majesty’s Government” as he proceeded to tell the UK government where it could save money by submitting completely to the European External Action Service and doing away completely with the British foreign service. The icing on the cake of his rant was his call for Britain to join the Euro, thus eliminating British monetary policy advisors.

The hubris of this is breathtaking. As I write the Euro is crushing several smaller EU states and the EEAS is incapable of dealing with crises at the edge of Europe.

What caused this outburst was a letter from the Government saying there should be no increase in the next multiyear budget, because the UK government simply cannot afford it, but Verhofstadt, amongst others, sees the budget as the solution to the crisis.

He is wrong. The EU budget is another tax on the UK. It is to pay for this quango called the EU with rising administration costs (salaries and pensions) and a myriad of pet projects. I think virtually every project could be critiqued as being wasteful for one reason or another. Either it is a useless vanity project tied up in red tape with a wasteful overhead, it is wrongly conceived and is pushing some quasi religious belief like carbon capture or it is a good idea and is poorly executed.

I intend to do an in-depth study of some sample projects in the EU budget to investigate this.

To get back to my main point here: increasing numbers of governments in the EU are beginning to wake from their lackadaisical slumber and are no longer persuaded that the EU budget is providing added value. Instead they see the budget as another tax that they do not control and cannot afford.

This perception is reinforced by tales of projects such as the European House of History or the incredible perks and benefits the Eurocrats award themselves.

It is increasingly a case of the people in the palace being out of touch with the suffering of the common folk. When it comes to promoting the EU they are their own worst enemy. I really believe that the time has come when they are going to be told no more!