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Commission`s fight against corruption applies to everyone but itself
Date 08/06/2011 09:37  Author webmaster  Hits 3081  Language Global
With no proper audited sign off of official EU accounts for the 16th consecutive year, the Commission should practice what it preaches, says UKIP’s Andreasen.

On 6 June the European Commission proposed “a set of measures to address more vigorously the serious harm corruption causes to European societies – economically, socially and politically. Four out of five EU citizens regard corruption as a major problem in their Member State.”

The Commission also stated that corruption affected 1% of EU GDP.

UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen saíd that given the failure of the EU to have its Budget signed off by auditors for the 16th consecutive year, their announcement amounted to the world’s largest kettle calling the pot black.

Speaking from Strasbourg Mrs Andreasen said:

“Only last month the European Parliament, in typical head in the sand mode, signed off the entire 2009 EU budget despite the high percentage of irregularities reported by the European Court of Auditors. The irregularities amounted to some 3.6 Billion Euros, or half of the UK’s yearly budget contribution to the EU. We must bear in mind that this is not unique. For the last 16 years the auditors have refused sign off. If we took 3.6 Billion as an average and multiplied by 16 this equates to 57.6 Billion Euros of unaccounted taxpayers money.

“The error rates in the EU are abnormally high and simply would not be tolerated in any company or organization. They have sought to by-pass this anomaly by moving from a zero tolerance to tolerable risk strategy in respect of EU expenditure.

“The EU deals in 'del boy' economics yet sets out measures that target Member States' ‘corruption’. It is hypocricy of the worst kind”.

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