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Farage: British control of our navy is now French Toast
Date 05/06/2011 13:19  Author webmaster  Hits 2850  Language Global
• In an interview published today in The Telegraph, French Admiral Pierre-Francois Forissier disclosed that Britain and France are set to share an aircraft carrier as part of plans for far closer integration between the two navies.

According to the head of France's naval fleet the French navy was amazed by last year's axing of aircraft carriers, warships and Harrier jets, adding that “from a French standpoint, I have to say that we were really stunned because the Royal Navy has always been a model for us and it is now faced with a very difficult situation.”

Responding to this UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "Britain's defence has become so weakened, that David Cameron is now forging a naval alliance with France.

"It is a simple fact that British and French interests and foreign policies are different. It is a huge strategic mistake to give France a say over the use of British ships. With this move British control of our navy is now French Toast.

"When it comes to a point of division the French will always look after themselves. Remember, it was only a short time ago that France was selling Exorcet missiles to Argentina to sink British warships.

"Why did David Cameron become prime minister if he just wanted to hand away British sovereignty?"