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UKIP says `No More Bailouts!`
Date 25/05/2011 13:20  Author webmaster  Hits 3225  Language Global
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage today joined UKIP supporters in Westminster while MPs debated whether or not UK taxpayers' cash should be used in future bailouts of struggling Eurozone economies.

Under the banner 'No More Bailouts' he announced UKIP's five point plan:

• Stop the Eurozone bailouts - repeated transfusions won't resuscitate a corpse.
• Release Portugal, Ireland and Greece from the prison of the Euro, and Spain if they want to.
• Write off a lot of their debts so every nation's finances are sustainable.
• Re-establish their currencies at realistic values that enable them to grow.
• Save Europe's economy and get it growing again. And don't let them rejoin the Euro, or it will all happen again.

UKIP has also launched a website

Nigel Farage, said:  "It is ludicrous that our government is prepared to borrow money to bailout other economies whilst folk in the UK are expected to tolerate cuts to local and national services. The message is clear: no more bailouts."