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EU energy policy will cost taxpayers dearly
Date 04/05/2011 17:32  Author webmaster  Hits 2755  Language Global
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has hit out at the apparent “fundamental misunderstandings” at every level on European energy policy.

“The whole process has become politicised, common sense has been abandoned and the major sufferers in years to come will be ordinary working folk and pensioners.

“Let us just look at facts, a novel idea in the realm of energy policy.  In the UK six large conventional power stations produce 20% of the nation’s energy needs.

“In order to chase European CO2 emission targets in 2013 a government tax of £600 million per year will trigger.  Even with 3,000 wind turbines the inevitable 40% shortfall left by closing conventional stations cannot begin to be met.

“Over the freezing winter period they simply did not work; the recent heat wave again proved them useless.  Their massive failure in the Iberian Peninsula, Denmark and Germany underline the futility of current renewable technology.  Solar energy is as bad, being almost universally abandoned as an alternative energy source,” said Mr Bloom, UKIP Euro-MP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire.

“If we do not act soon, with a massive investment in gas fired conventional power stations the lights will go out.  It is a simple matter of arithmetic.

“If we must look at a political dynamic let us acknowledge the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich since the Middle Ages. 

“Wind power costs are enforced by government on end users, you and me, old age pensioners and small businesses.  Who benefits?  The obligatory tariff goes to people like the Duke of Roxburgh, Earl Spencer, Sir Reginald Sheffield and hundreds of other wealthy landowners who field the turbines, and the usual big business fat cats and offshore spivs and chancers.

“Some of the most beautiful untouched wildernesses in Europe will be desecrated, Mid Wales, Scottish borders, Islands and highlands, the Yorkshire Wolds.

“Many Westminster MPs have already joined me in a campaign for common sense.  I invite public sector broadcasting and the trade union movement to join us,” said Mr Bloom.