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Child welfare not commercial interests must come first
Date 31/03/2011 15:09  Author webmaster  Hits 3341  Language Global
The EU Commission is misleading public with false claims about formula milk for babies.

Responding to controversy over the EU Commission allowing baby food makers to claim on formula milk packaging that the natural fatty acid (pictured, click to enlarge) DHA additive is beneficial to infants, UKIP Health spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP said today:
"Child welfare not commercial interests must come first. The EU should not be allowed to mislead the public with false health claims.

"The WHO makes clear that Breast feeding is best for young babies. Any mother deciding how to feed her child must be informed with proper information. This latest EU Commission gambit of allowing the advertising of false claims about DHA in formula milk, no doubt fostered by multinational milk manufacturers with big lobby budgets, should be stopped in its tracks.
"It is false to assert that formula milk has the same health properties as breast milk. The claims that the addition of DHA, a fatty acid found in breastmilk when added to formula milk improves babies' vision are scientifically inconclusive. As a UKIP MEP, I hold that children's health and consumer choice should not be misled by commercial interests.
"I have received a raft of letters and emails about this issue and have assured all that UKIP will not vote for a regulation forced on the UK by the EU. This is a decision which must be left to national governments. How to feed their children must be a decision left to woman themselves based on the facts. This is something endangered by this draft EU regulation before the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee.  I strongly object to authorisation of false health claims on formula milk and will vote accordingly when this reaches Plenary vote in April."