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Why Ukip`s by-election success was largely ignored
Date 15/03/2011 12:58  Author webmaster  Hits 2943  Language Global
By Derek Clark MEP
I'm sure people know of the Barnsley by-election result where Ukip came second, with Labour comfortably holding the seat.

However, the political commentators of our wretched national media gave deliberately misleading political assessments of the result.

The Express apart, none noted how Ukip came storming up into second place, on 30 per cent more than the Tories. With just 58 more votes we would have had more than the Tories and Lib-Dems put together!

To express their disapproval at the ruling coalition Barnsley people chose Ukip. We are now the party of opposition and if you want to know why we were ignored by the media it is simply explained.

They do not give us proper coverage because we upset their cosy little threesome with the "big boys". They do not understand us in the political order, so they smear us as "little Englanders", or worse.

And they fear us because these national media barons sold out to the EU godfathers long ago, but now they know that increasing numbers of British people do not agree and that Ukip is speaking for them.