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Agnew on rescuing young mother from Cyprus jail cell
Date 25/02/2011 15:21  Author webmaster  Hits 3043  Language Global

UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew tells the story of how he came to the rescue of Sarah Antoniou, a young mother who fell foul of the Greek Cypriot legal system and ended up in maximum security prison in Nicosia for more than two months, without bail. 

Cut off from her family and her five year old son, sharing a cell with seven other women, in poor health and receiving little or no legal representation, she was in desperate trouble, until her mother, back in Britain, got in touch with her local UKIP MEP.

Stuart relates his adventures in Cyprus when he visited Sarah in jail, met with the island’s Attorney General and brokered a deal that led to a major breakthrough in the handling of her case.  He points out the lessons that should be learned from this story by people who fall in love on holidays in the sun and leave themselves vulnerable to legal systems that are utterly different from our own here in Britain.


Stuart Agnew in mercy mission to Cyprus