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Disappointment at Prince Charles: `We are not amused`
Date 09/02/2011 16:17  Author webmaster  Hits 4127  Language Global
HRH the Prince of Wales gave a speech in the European Parliament today calling for the EU to do more to combat global warming.  As in his 2008 speech, he basically called for 'more Europe'.

"We are not amused," UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said in response.  "Prince Charles received the raptuous applause of the three presidents of the European Union who were obviously delighted to see him."

"Barroso, Van Rompuy and Buzek now have a huge amount of power over the British people. It is not right for Prince Charles to give these undemocratically-elected leaders of the EU, support in any way," said Mr Farage.

"It is not something that we would expect from the heir to the Constitutional Monarchy.

"UKIP are proudly pro the Constitutional Monarchy. We would have hoped Prince Charles, as future sovereign of Great Britain, would have defended the sovereignty of Westminster. That certainly did not happen."

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