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Global warming hoax hits British sugar beet growers
Date 26/01/2011 15:04  Author webmaster  Hits 3083  Language Global
The East of England MEP, Stuart Agnew (UKIP) has clashed with the Belgian Minister for Small Businesses and Agriculture, Sabine Laruelle, during a debate in the European Parliament’s Agriculture & Rural Development Committee (25.01.2011). 

The Committee was discussing the future of Agriculture and the Minister brought up the subject of climate change.

Mr Agnew said: “Those two dreaded words are like a red rag to a bull to me”.  He went on to describe the situation in the East of England for sugar beet growers.  “As I speak, there are thousands of acres of sugar beet that are not fit to process because of severe cold weather.” He blamed this situation on British Sugar’s decision to lengthen the sugar beet campaign because they became “convinced by all the propaganda about global warming”. He strongly urged the Committee to stop the propaganda because it causes situations like this in which “everybody has really been hit hard”.

Mr Agnew suggested that the best method for cooling the climate was to keep holding climate change conferences because each one is “followed by a spell of very cold weather.”

He concluded by saying that the EU “does not need to regulate farmers on this issue at all”.