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Stuart Agnew in mercy mission to Cyprus
Date 10/01/2011 14:14  Author webmaster  Hits 3003  Language Global
Photo: courtesy of Derek BennettUKIP MEP Stuart Agnew is on his way to Cyprus today to visit a constituent who is being held in prison in Nicosia, pending legal proceedings.  Sarah Antoniou is the daughter of one of Mr Agnew’s Hertfordshire constituents and is facing multiple charges relating to the alleged abduction of her own son and belatedly produced allegations that she attempted to hire someone to murder her  estranged husband.

Mr Agnew said:  “I am disturbed by what I am being told about the way Sarah is being treated both by the legal system in Cyprus and by the prison, where I understand that conditions are less than ideal.  I would like to see for myself and plan to visit her on Tuesday, with her mother, Patricia Norton from Hertford.  I will also be attending the latest court hearing which takes place on Wednesday morning.

“I have arranged to meet the Cypriot Attorney General, from whom I will seek assurances that Sarah is being given adequate legal advice and English translations for the paperwork and proceedings of the litigation against her. I will also meet the British Consulate General, while I am on the island.”

Ms Antoniou’s troubles began when her marriage to a Cypriot, with whom she was living on the island, broke down and she chose to return to England with her four year old son, from the marriage.  This was treated as an abduction and she voluntarily returned to Cyprus with her son, where, despite promises to the contrary, she was charged with abduction and later with trying to arrange for someone to kill her husband.  When this latter allegation surfaced, Sarah was charged, imprisoned and refused bail.  She has been in prison in Nicosia since mid-November.