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Andreasen: Sarkozy wants to use economic crisis as excuse for power grab
Date 07/01/2011 14:32  Author webmaster  Hits 2827  Language Global
Responding to a 15-point proposal for further EU Economic Governance, commissioned by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, including a Convention to introduce direct EU taxation, the creation of an EU treasury and the suspension of member states' voting rights, UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen said today:
"Sarkozy obviously believes the EU rescue packages will not work.  He is now using this economic crisis, created in large part by a failing euro currency, to grab more power for the EU.
"He should accept  the fact that the Euro currency is going down the tubes very quickly. An 'Own Resources' EU Tax would make the EU institutions less accountable to the taxpayers of the 27 nations.

"If the latest centralising proposals from Mr Sarkozy are acted on, it will be a death knell for financial accountability in the EU.
"If his call for an EU Convention is accepted then UKIP will campaign for a referendum in the UK. My attititude is 'Let the people decide.'"
The report, compiled by MEP Constance le Grip and MP Henri Plagnol, was yesterday received by Sarkozy who said he will submit it to EU Council president Herman van Rompuy.

Sarkozy proposes more action to save the euro, including suspending a member states voting rights (prop.2), increasing the stability funds and changing the treaty but minimising it to keep the market and public opinion quiet (page 16 and prop 9).

Sarkozy also supports a European Parliament proposal to convoke a Convention on own resources focusing on new taxes to raise the EU budget (page 20 and prop 11), and the creation of a "European Treasury" for the Eurozone (prop 12). He also supports re-launching 'Taxation and Social Harmonisation' at the German-French level first (prop 13).