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EU waste of money on new members 'a bad joke'
Date 13/12/2010 14:03  Author webmaster  Hits 3320  Language Global
The waste of money spent on developing relationships with countries such as Turkey, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia to help them prepare to join the EU has been slammed by UKIP MEP William Dartmouth.

“British families facing difficult financial times and possible job losses will be dismayed to discover that we are being forced to give money to countries like Albania and Serbia. It must seem like a bad joke with them as the butt," Lord Dartmouth told the
Daily Express.

“The EU is a corrupt organisation that has not had its accounts signed off for the past 16 years. So to see it hand over billions of euros to countries such as Serbia and Albania to fight corruption is frankly ludicrous.

“Has it not crossed their minds that the money they are giving to eradicate corruption in the police and judiciary is falling straight into the hands of those who are responsible for the corruption in the first place?

“Not a day goes by without the British public realising just how profligate with our money the EU is. But this surely must be the final straw.

“Giving money to Turkey, Serbia and Albania among others so they can join this already bloated union is a step too far.”