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Smaller enterprises suffer most from over-regulation
Date 06/12/2010 19:28  Author webmaster  Hits 2726  Language Global
Belgian EU Presidency websiteThe European Commission today released further plans aimed at reducing red-tape, but with businesses spending €130 billion to comply with national and EU-wide regulations hopes are not set high.

Over the past decade, businesses are increasingly spending more time on paperwork, while smaller enterprises are having to face the same administrative burdens as large corporations, the
Commission's own consultations find.

UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen, a former Commission chief accountant said: "This is an implicit admission of EU over-regulation.

"There are already national rules which businesses have to comply with. Why then does the EU need to write itself into the script and micro-manage?

"We joined the Common Market to free up trade and reduce business costs. Instead they have steadily risen. The disappointing thing here is that small and medium sized businesses, to which everyone is looking to drive the recovery, are especially addled by this over-regulation which favours larger enterprises and causes serious damage to employment and the provision of services for consumers.

"This must stop without delay. UKIP will always support the reduction of costs to businesses and the British taxpayer".
"It has to be remembered that this is the EU's own study and they are keen to downplay the cost and negative impact of their regulations."