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Bloom enlists YouTube in fascism furore
Date 02/12/2010 15:05  Author webmaster  Hits 3520  Language Global
VIDEO (Press conference, December 1)
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has asked fellow MEPs to make up their own minds as to whether Parliamentary rules are being applied fairly, and sent them a YouTube video to support his claims of bias in the way pro and anti-European members are dealt with.

Mr Bloom was thrown out of the European Parliament after refusing to apologise for calling German Socialist Party Leader Martin Schulz an "undemocratic fascist".

Having been summoned to appear before Parliament President Jezy Buzek yesterday morning, Mr Bloom said: "I have today been to see the EP President with a pending disciplinary procedure.

"I offerd to give him a CD of speeches by Herr Cohn-Bendit, Herr Schulz and Mr Watson calling Euro critics 'fascists ', 'Hitler' and 'mentally ill' without any sanction whatsoever. He refused to watch the Youtube evidence.

"It is my view Mr Buzek is an amiable man, very badly advised and bullied by the extremists in the chamber.

"I have offered a compromise. I have asked that Mr Schulz, Mr Cohn-Bendit, Mr Watson and myself all be disciplined together or  better still, none of us at all.
"What is taking place is the arbitary application of the rules of procedure. It is one law for Euro nationalists and other for Euro critics. It is unfair and the beginning of tyranny.

"The reaction which I have caused has just proved my case. That the law is not evenly applied in the European Parliament is a disgrace.
"I have sent a Youtube clip as evidence to all MEPs and asked them to make up their own mind about the unfair application of the law. I eagerly await their response."