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Proof of double standards in the European Parliament
Date 25/11/2010 14:49  Author webmaster  Hits 3688  Language Global

"Leading Euro nationalists such as Martin Schulz and Danny Cohn-Bendit have been allowed to call elected critics of the EU Project  'Nazis' and 'mentally ill' without any sanction whatsoever, while Eurocritics like myself have been penalised for what we said,' UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said this morning in reaction to yesterday's furore in the European Parliament

'This shows a clear double standards is at work.  There is no equality before the law in the European Parliament. The application of the Rules of Procedure is completely arbitary.

'EP vice president Edward McMillan-Scott called for a show of hands in the EP to eject an elected member. What next? A vote to expel people with red hair?
'With reaction to Bloom's comments, we have just witnessed proof of the double standards in the European Parliament. It demonstrates that Euro nationalists are becoming increasingly worried about dissent. The EU is becoming more totalitarian by the day."

Here is some video evidence:

(Schulz from 02:40 - Weimar Republic - Adolf Hitler remarks;
- from 02.55  you can see the then Liberal leader, Graham Watson claiming that the sceptics ’behaviour recalls the actions of the Communists in the Russian Diet and the National Socialists in the German Reichstag”. 
- from 03.30 - Danny Cohn Bendit - 'The No side are mentally ill')

(Schulz from 08:45 - 'the Right leading to fascism')

Schulz calls PVV fascists for asking Barroso for receipts (from 03:10)

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