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European Parliament eyes more power through EU tax
Date 23/11/2010 19:32  Author webmaster  Hits 2520  Language Global
'Negotiations on next year's budget collapsed due to this parliament's ambition to acquire more power in the financing of the European Union, even if those powers are not provided for in the Lisbon treaty' UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen told Euro-Parliamentarians in Strasbourg today.

Speaking during the 2011 EU Budget debate, Ms Andreasen, who sits on the budgetary committee,said 'such demands translate into the proposal for a European tax and this has always been unacceptable to us.'

'There have been threats to block funding to the member states who refuse to agree to the parliament's demands,' Ms Andreasen said.

'Believe me, this would be the best news we could give to the British and all European taxpayers - those who eventually fund both national contributions and a European tax.'

Referring to the Court of Auditors' refusal to clear 92% of the 2009 European Union expenditure, Ms Andreasen said, 'they estimate that £6 billion at least should not have been paid out, a similar amount to that of last year and which has not yet been recovered.

'Blocking the funding to those who use EU money irregularly would give the European Union enough resources to cover the noble causes that they claim they want to support.

'At the same time, it would also give the European bureaucracy a certain credibility, but this, I'm afraid, will never happen,' Marta Andreasen concluded.