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Farage: Help Dublin resist Brussels power grab
Date 20/11/2010 13:22  Author webmaster  Hits 3314  Language Global

Commenting today on Ireland's imminent EU-IMF bailout UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said the No side spoke the truth during the Lisbon treaty referendum campaign last year in Ireland, and now Britain needs to help Dublin resist the Brussels take-over of the Irish economy.

"What has happened to Ireland is tragic. You fought for hundreds of years to be free of English dominance and now, less than 90 years since the foundation of an independent Irish State, your political leaders have allowed the EU Commission and IMF to take economic control of your country," Mr Farage said.

"You have been lied to systematically by a slavishly pro-EU political class, all of whom keep their pensions and salaries as ordinary Irish people lose their jobs and take cuts in wages as they watch their children emigrate abroad."

Referring to
smear attacks during his visit to Dublin in September 2009 as president of the EFD group in the European Parliament, Mr Farage said:

"It was this Establishment political class who vilified me and others on the No side during the Lisbon referendum.  It must be clear to everyone now that the No side spoke the truth during Lisbon.

"The EU Commission
is now pushing for Ireland to increase its corporate tax rate - something the Yes said would never happen.

"Irish membership of the euro currency has been a disaster. It was inappropriate euro interest rates which gave you a boom which led to this recession.

"The EU is using this crisis, brought about by its failed policy of the Euro, to grab even more power for itself over nation states.

"I think Britain should financially help Ireland in its time of need, on condition that it takes back its own currency, and can devalue and export its way towards recovery. Without its own currency, the long-term prospects for Ireland are dire, and Britain would be pouring £7 billion into a black hole," said Farage.

"Britain should support a friendly neighbouring country, but there is absolutely no need to do it under the orders of Chancellor Merkel or the European Central Bank.

"Brussels is attempting to take over in Dublin; and Britain should be helping Ireland to resist this", said Farage. "Pouring our money into a bottomless deflationary spiral is no way to do it. Any assistance that Britain gives should be strictly on a bilateral level, as we have no need to prop up the Euro elite and a failing economic system."

Nigel Farage had visited Dublin in September 2009 on behalf of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group, which launched an information campaign prior to the referendum with
a leaflet about the Treaty of Lisbon [pdf] sent to every Irish household.