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Ashton takes on key EU military role
Date 18/11/2010 14:14  Author webmaster  Hits 2447  Language Global

Mr Campbell Bannerman's exchange with Lt Gen Van Osch

Plans have been exposed for the EU Military Service to take direct political control from the EU's new Foreign Minister Baroness Ashton, as she prepares to chair military crisis meetings from next year.

Pressing the new Director General of the EU's Military Service, Lieutenant General Van Osch, at the powerful Security and Defence Committee of the European Parliament,
UKIP MEP David Campbell Bannermanwas shocked to hear the General confirm the Military Service is to become "part of the External Action Service" from 1st January 2011 and that Baroness Ashton is to head up crisis meetings with military representatives.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said: "Whilst the General denied this was all part of creating a single European military, I am not convinced.

"I note the General also called for a 'comprehensive approach' to military capacity and praised the Anglo French treaty as a good example of cooperation, saying that the 'one positive... (of budget cuts) was they forced nation states to give higher priority to cooperation with other nation states'.

"Then Socialist MEP Ana Gomes confirmed my worse fears when she praised the Anglo French treaty for 'opening the way for a strengthened EU role in defence'.

"I condemn this treaty as an attack on British sovereignty and as a direct threat to the US/UK Special Relationship, with the sharing of top US technology such as stealth, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles all put directly at risk.

"If such cooperation is all down to saving money, then how about scrapping the waste, duplication and interference of Baroness Ashton's Action Service? The cost to our precious sovereignty and national defence is priceless."