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Armed forces madness
Date 04/11/2010 13:21  Author webmaster  Hits 2649  Language Global
The agreement that Britain should have a shared military and nuclear programme with France has been declared "utter madness".

"This is folly of the highest order. Quite simply British and French interests and foreign policies do not coincide," said
Godfrey Bloom, Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP for the UK Independence Party.

"When a conflict of interest arises between Britain and France is it wise to have French command of the SAS? The answer is clearly No.

"David Cameron has obviously forgotten that during the Falklands Conflict, France was supplying Exocet missiles to Argentina which sunk British ships.

"This agreement is to bind the Armed Forces of both nations for 50 years. We all know a week is a long time in politics. This can only be a receipe for disaster.

"It is a clear indication of the drive towards the creation of an EU Defence Force which would be another hole in the hull of British sovereignty.

"It has been dubbed the 'entente frugale' but It is ridiculous for Cameron to claim this is about saving money when just last week he agreed to give an additional £435 million per year to the EU.

"This compromises our military capability and defence strategy. It is totally unacceptable," said Mr Bloom.