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EU Tax Raising Powers and Referendum
Date 28/10/2010 14:24  Author webmaster  Hits 2544  Language Global
By Paul Nuttall MEP

• Well it seems as if Janusz Lewandowski, the Polish EU Budget Commissioner, has dropped David Cameron and Nick Clegg right in it.

Mr Lewandowski, in a brief moment of honesty, has admitted that the plans for Brussels to have tax raising powers should trigger a referendum in the UK, as it would break the Mr Cameron’s pledge not to hand over power to the EU without a vote.

The commissioner said that “it needs ratification because it is the prerogative of a national state to set its own taxes.” Clear as day, wouldn’t you say?

I have never really subscribed to the “worse is better” ideal, but in this case, “worse” just might be the catalyst to giving us the referendum we want. 


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