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Batten shows rules are just hot air
Date 25/10/2010 15:00  Author webmaster  Hits 2190  Language Global

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten again drew attention to the double standards in the European Parliament while sitting in Strasbourg last week.

Under the rules of procedure banners and signs are not allowed to be displayed in the Chamber. But it depends who is displaying them. On October 20, the Parliament voted on the Estrella Report on Women's Rights and Gender Equality. MEPs from the left carried in pink and blue helium balloons and tied them to their desks.
Mr Batten raised a point or order and asked the President to rule if this was in order or not. He was ignored and the ballons were allowed to stay.

Mr Batten then raised his own Say No the EU - Vote UKIP banner on his desk and was able to leave it there for two hours during voting.

The only reason it was not removed by authorities  was because if they had removed his they would have been forced to remove the balloons as well. So what rules are applied depends on who you are and the circumstances. No wonder is is regarded as a joke Parliament.