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Well said Angela Merkel
Date 18/10/2010 13:18  Author webmaster  Hits 2580  Language Global
By Paul Nuttall MEP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said what we all know: multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Multiculturalism has been little more than a failed experiment, born out of the 1970 s, which was always doomed to fail. It was pushed by the hard-Left on a nation that was uncomfortable with its position in the world and weakened by post-colonial guilt. As a result of this silly and outdated policy, Britain has ended up with inner city ghettos, divided communities and a fractured society.

It is surely common sense to encourage immigrants to mix and learn the language of the indigenous population, for this is the only way we can achieve full integration and have cohesive communities. Instead, successive governments have encouraged different communities to practice separate cultures and speak different languages, which promotes differences, suspicion and therefore division within society.

I believe a multiracial Britain to be a good thing, but multiculturalism has been seriously damaging to the fabric of British society. The policy needs to be ditched as soon as possible.