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UKIP at the Tory Conference
Date 05/10/2010 16:16  Author webmaster  Hits 2666  Language Global
By Paul Nuttall MEP

We had some great fun today [4 Oct.] at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. The North West UK Independence Party took a minibus of volunteers down and I thought it only right that I should get myself down to Birmingham and support the work of the activists from my own constituency.

We gave out over 500 leaflets to delegates explaining that David Cameron is a keen supporter of Turkey joining the European Union. We were surprised by the enthusiastic response we were getting and many delegates made comments such as “keep up the good work lads” and “we voted for you in the European Election.” The experience did nothing to dispel my long held belief that the Tory membership are in broad support of UKIP’s stance when it comes to the European Union.

The problem we have is convincing them that their own party, which they have emotional ties to, is never going to alter its position and will continue to take them for fools by playing the Eurosceptic card every five years for the European Election.

Anyway, a very positive day and we got the UKIP message out there.