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European Parliament entertainment budget gets 85% raise
Date 30/09/2010 22:06  Author webmaster  Hits 3320  Language Global
100,000 trade unionists from across the EU marched in Brussels outside the European Parliament yesterday protesting against stringent austerity measures, wage and job cuts.
Meanwhile, the European Parliament Budget Committee endorsed an 85% increase in the parliament's 'Entertainment Budget' for 2011, more than doubling this year's budget of €1,105,200 to €2,047,450.  Two amendments tabled in an attempt to reduce the extravagance were quashed (Pictured: Budget Committee chairman just after the vote).

"I am appalled that this week the EU Budget committee allowed an increase of 85 per cent in the entertainment budget," UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen, who sits on the Budget Committee, said today in Brussels.

"These people are thinking about champagne and oysters while 100,000 people have come to Brussels to complain against the austerity measures they are going through in different countries of the European Union.
I am appalled - this cannot continue."
Two amendments to reduce the budget failed, one by Austrian MEP Martin Ehrenhauser for a reduction of €942,250, and another tabled by the ECR to cut it back by €547,000.
The cost cutting amendments were supported by Marta Andreasen on behalf of the EFD Group, together with the ECR, the Greens and Liberals. The Socialist group abstained, while the EPP voted against.