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Tory support for Turkey's EU accession exposed
Date 21/09/2010 20:33  Author webmaster  Hits 4024  Language Global

The Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Parties have shown they not only support an EU customs union with Turkey but also full Turkish accession, UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said today in Strasbourg following the vote on the Kazak report (A7 -0238/2010 - Trade and Economic Relations with Turkey).

"By supporting the Kazak report the Tory, Liberal Democrat and Labour Parties have shown they don't just want free trade with Turkey but give it EU accession leading to political union with full freedom of movement," said Lord Dartmouth, who also spoke during yesterday's debate on the report  [VIDEO].

The UKIP MEP for the South West had earlier presented a counter report to the Kazak report, calling for customs union only, without Turkish entry, gaining the support of 38 MEPs. The Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour all voted to support the Kazak report and Turkey's accession to the EU.

"My counter report called their bluff by asking for a customs union only, but they have shown they want full blown Turkish entry to the EU. Their subterfuge has now been exposed," Dartmouth said.

"Giving 75 million people from Turkey the right to live, work and settle in the UK is a recipe for disaster, and that is why UKIP is opposed to Turkish entry to the EU.

"96.5 percent of Turkey lies in the continent of Asia Minor. Turkey is not part of Europe and should not be part of the EU. Only the dishonesty of the EU could categorise Turkey as a European country. Turkey is not a European country- just look at a map.

"Since 1996 the EU has had a customs union with Turkey. The existence and success of a customs union with Turkey makes Turkish entry of the EU totally unnecessary."

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EFD / William Dartmouth Amendment to the Kazak Report  /  Explanation of vote:

"The amendment allows the many people in the EU, and the MEPs who represent them, to signal their unhappiness and opposition to Turkish membership and the concomitant political union.  However, we do not want this to be at the expense of supporting free-trade with Turkey - and without tariff barriers - so much of the report is unchanged.

Many choices are invidious: free trade agreements allow tariff barriers.  Customs Unions eliminate them internally but continue to allow and even erect them externally.  And, of course, customs unions limit and prohibit members' freedom of commercial negotiation.

Despite these concerns about customs unions, we are, in the context of Turkish circumstances, running with the Customs Union because it allows those against Turkish membership to say so."