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EU Court rejects my appeal after 6 years - Andreasen
Date 20/09/2010 14:50  Author webmaster  Hits 2992  Language Global
By Marta Andreasen MEP
The European Court of First Instance has last week rejected the appeal against my dismissal.It is now 6 years since the European Commission dismissed me on allegations of disloyalty. My dismissal was decided by a disciplinary board made up of officials all of whom had been managing EU funds without control for years.

The Civil Service Tribunal to whom I appealed against the decision took almost three years to issue judgment against me. I then appealed to the higher court, that is the European Court of First Intance who took another three years to reject my appeal.

Did I hold my breath? Not quite. All these institutions are a part of the same nomenklatura and will not step on each others toes. The European Court of Justice is not independent – for a start it gets its budget from the European Commission- and it is therefore very difficult for such institution to make justice.

The European Court of Justice is granted independence within the rules, i.e. contributing to the European project and European integration, but if someone, such as me, stands against them and challenges the foundation the court acts as just another arm of the Commission. In this way it can seem independent and even rule against the Commission sometimes.

In both appeals the Courts have not upheld even one of my arguments – out of a total of nine – but still took three years to communicate the decision (not to make it… it was already made since I raised concerns on the EU accounting system). If it was so clear that I had not basis for appeal, why did it take so long to issue judgment?

My take is that this time they just waited for the Lisbon Treaty to be fully ratified so my case would not interfere with their plans for ” more Europe”.

The effect of my dismissal and the later Court judgments is that there have been no more whistleblowers. Does anybody think this is because things have been improved? No, it is because the treatment I have received has scared people off.

Eventually this is yet more evidence that the European bureacracy cannot be trusted and their continued power grab is a serious threat to democracy.

Will I give up? NO! I will appeal to a higher court – if I can – or go to the European Court of Human Rights while as MEP I will continue my fight on political ground.