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Campbell Bannerman's positive vision for the future
Date 04/09/2010 11:40  Author webmaster  Hits 2373  Language Global
UKIP joint Deputy Leader David Campbell Bannerman MEP kicked off his bid for the Party leadership yesterday in Torquay with a comprehensive speech on the conference theme 'A Positive Vision for the Future'.

Here is the speech in full:
• These next few years are the most important for our country, our liberties and our party.
And only through our Positive Vision for the way ahead will we be able to grow this party. That’s what we want, don’t we? To grow this party? To realise its real potential?
The foundations are set, we increased our vote share by 50% at the last election.  We have a full and comprehensive manifesto, taking the fight to the Coalition and Labour on everything from defence to the economy, to fisheries and immigration. Policies make us relevant.

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