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EU investigates 'macabre' plans
Date 25/07/2010 02:10  Author webmaster  Hits 2470  Language Global
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom today revealed his horror at news the EU is looking into 'eco-friendly' plans allowing undertakers to dissolve the dead then flush them into the sewage system.
"I am utterly appalled at this suggestion which is almost beyond belief and that is saying something with the bilge given the go ahead by the European Commission," said Mr Bloom, UKIP Euro MP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.
The Commission is investigating plans which could see corpses dissolved in caustic solutions in a bid to cut down on the amount of land taken up by graves.
Belgian undertakers have come up with the proposals which could see people’s deceased loved ones being placed in containers containing salts and water.

Under the process, which is being proposed by the Flemish Association of Undertakers, these containers would then be pressurised and some time later the liquid and mineral ash left over could be flushed into sewage systems or be put into urns and given to loved ones.
From the sewage systems what is left of the deceased could be recycled in water processing plants.
"I am alarmed that this process could be approved and implemented across the EU, including, of course, Britain.
"We are talking about dissolving the dead and flushing them into the sewage system. I am appalled that the European Commission is even looking into this shameful and disrespectful suggestion.
"I find the whole concept macabre and have no doubt that the straight talking people of Yorkshire will think the same.
"It's the European Parliament that wants dissolving and flushing down the sewers," added Mr Bloom.