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ConDem Green Economy plan could cost $45.6bn and lose 125,000 jobs
Date 14/07/2010 14:14  Author webmaster  Hits 3618  Language Global

Research by a Spanish University has shown that each 'green' job created costs $800,000 and lost 2.2 other jobs. UKIP MEP Derek Clark said that it called into question the whole future of the 'green' industry that was being pursued at both European and UK level.

The document, produced by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, came to light under US Freedom of Information Act requests by campaigners concerned at President Obama's failure to ban political lobbyists.

Mr Clark, who sits on the European Parliament's Employment committee, said that the British government should now come clean over its green pledges, and outline not how many jobs would be created, but how many would be lost as a result of following its policies.

"Wind power is an unreliable source of energy at best, particularly as currently deployed.  If the rapid expansion of the wind sector continues as the Liberal Democrats proposed earlier this year, the 57,000 green jobs they want to create would cost $45.6bn and would lose 125,000 jobs in the non-green economy.

"This is the equivalent of £760 for every person in the country, and all that will be achieved is 125,000 job losses and an intermittent energy supply.

"The idea of the last person left in Britain turning the lights out was originally intended as a joke. It is unfortunate that scientifically illiterate politicians appear desperate to make it a reality."

Leaked document reveals ruinous effects of green economic policy