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EU political interference 'costs lives in military operations'
Date 08/07/2010 13:38  Author webmaster  Hits 2597  Language Global

Attempts by the new European External Action Service to gain control over military actions runs the risk of costing the lives of British troops, UKIP MEP David Campbell Bannerman said today.

Speaking after voting on the EEAS in Strasbourg today, Mr Campbell Bannerman said that just last month, General Sir John McColl, addressing the European Parliament's defence committee, had said that political interference by the EU in peacekeeping operations in the former Yugoslavia could cost the lives of troops.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said, "There is a real danger of lives being lost because of political interference in military operations, and this has been confirmed by a senior British general.

"Baroness Ashton, whose military experience is limited to picketing Greenham Common, has neither the experience nor the knowledge to interfere in such operations.

"UKIP completely disagrees with the existence of the European External Action Service. However, as it does exist, as elected representatives, we have a duty to protect the lives of British troops from inexperienced, militarily ignorant politicians."

NOTE: General Sir John McColl's comments can be heard after Mr Campbell Bannerman's intervention via this link from  time stamp 11:41:50 onwards (General McColl also spoke from 10:47 onwards)