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'Don't do it!' Nigel Farage urges Iceland
Date 07/07/2010 18:52  Author webmaster  Hits 3080  Language Global
•  "Lucky old Iceland," declared UKIP MEP Nigel Farage today in the European Parliament, as he implored the Icelandic people to resist EU membership, despite the intentions of their career politicians.
"Because they weren't part of this club, because they didn't surrender to the Euro they have had a competitive devaluation of the Krona which has been good for their economy. It has led to a tourist boom and I would have thought countries like Greece would have been very jealous of them," said Nigel Farage.
"We're talking about a place where people actually think before they jump, and I think that's why roughly two-thirds of people in opinion polls have made their minds up - they don't want to join the European Union; it isn't going to happen. And all I can say is lucky old Iceland."

Referring to Iceland's 200-mile exclusive economic zone for their fisheries, he told Icelanders: 'Don't sacrifice it. Don't giving it away. Don't trust your own career politicians, because if you do this lot will take your greatest renewable resource from you. Don't do it!"