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Vichy Tories have stabbed British Financial Services industry in the back
Date 07/07/2010 17:15  Author webmaster  Hits 2032  Language Global
 "The Vichy Tories have been exposed for the traitors they are. They have stabbed the City of London and the Financial Services Industry in the back," UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom said today, speaking after voting in the European Parliament against measures to create an 'EU Banking  Authority, Pension Authority, Risk Board, and regulator of Central Banks'.
"Along with their Federalist LibDem allies they today voted in favour of the EU creating an EU Banking authority situated in Frankfurt. Years from now, people will look back and pinpoint this as the day that the Tories destroyed the City," said Bloom, an old City boy himself.
"That 22 out of 25 Tories would consistently vote in favour of building an EU regulatory prison for our Financial Services Industry is obscene. These EU regulatory bodies shall be like the prison guards.

"This is a clear betrayal of Britain's largest and most profitable industry."
The vote in Strasbourg today created a new European Banking Authority, which will assume supervisory powers over British banks, and represents a significant transfer of sovereign powers in Brussels.
"UKIP is the only British party to consistently vote against these measures.," Mr Bloom added. 

"This hyper-regulation of Financial Services by the EU will only cause the flight of capital out of Britain. These measures are a disaster for Britain but at least now, we know where everybody stands when there is a choice between British interests and being the good schoolboys of Europe."

  View lists of roll call votes here (PDF)
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