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EU labelling directive will make 'scrambled egg' of UK shopping experience
Date 28/06/2010 19:05  Author webmaster  Hits 3340  Language Global
 "We in UKIP did everything possible to stop this senseless EU regulation which makes egg sellers display the weight and not just number of their produce," said UKIP Agri spokesman, Stuart Agnew MEP. "We tabled three amendments to allow manufacturers sell their goods by number alone, as is normal, without a useless weight requirement."

Mr Agnew was reacting after MEPs voted against UKIP  amendments that would have allowed member states to continue making exemptions for certain products to be sold by number alone. 

Speaking in Brussels, MEP Agnew said, "Sadly for consumers, UKIP amendments nos 251 - 253 of the EU Food Labelling Report were defeated by the EU Parliament due to lack of support. We did everything possible to stop this stupid interference in British way of commerical life. UKIP opposed this new EU regulation making all producers without exception weigh their goods, thus increasing their costs.

"There has been no general uprising among the public demanding a changing in the present ways of selling eggs. A box describing the number of eggs and which size grade they are, is quite adequate.

"Farm-gate sales of free range eggs are part of British culture. The customer can see exactly what they are buying and who to blame if they are not happy.

If this new EU proposal becomes law, these farm-gate sellers will need to buy a set of scales, and every batch of eggs will have to have a its unique weight printed, and priced accordingly.


"Slipping to the local farm for 816 grammes of eggs will not roll off the tongue the way a 'dozen' does," said MEP Agnew.


"This regulation also reminds me of the part in Orwell's novel '1984' where the selling of pints of beer is banned by the Government - it appears that selling a dozen eggs without a weight stamp will soon become an EU thought crime. How very sad for Britain.

"This EU labelling directive will make "scrambled egg" of
UK shopping experience."