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Money trail shows bureaucracy more important than democracy - Nigel Farage
Date 21/06/2010 18:13  Author webmaster  Hits 3258  Language Global
From http://watchmanradio.com 'That so many EU officials earn more than elected MEPs shows that bureaucracy is more important than democracy in the EU,'  said UKIP spokesman, Nigel Farage MEP.
Responding to the revelation that over a 1,000 EU officials earn more than David Cameron on £142,000, Mr Farage said, "Just as people's wages are falling and unemployment is rising, the man in the street should be appalled at the amount of money that these EU officials are being paid, many for pretty menial tasks.
"People should be appalled to learn how much money many of these EU bureaucrats earn. For example, an EU civil servant with a few years experience and two children (at level AD 10) has a net take home pay of €8,810 per month. Out of his gross pay, he has only to pay €570 in tax, and to compound the insult he does not have to pay VAT on a car or household goods.

"For a fantastic health insurance scheme, the EU bureaucrat has to pay only 1.7 % of his salary, a measely €134. No wonder many of these people are screaning for 'more Europe' - what they really want is 'more money' for themselves.
"The EU is a racket perpetuated by EU officials to keep themselves in the life to which they have become accustomed - it has got to stop.
"I call on the EU institutions to reveal in full detail how many EU officials they employ and exactly how much they earn. Only then can the populace of Europe see that the EU is about integration for the political elite and renumeration for the bureaucats.'
"Let's not forget it is the British and German taxpayers who are paying for this EU porkbarrel to finance the bureaucrats."