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MEPs vote to kill off self-employed drivers
Date 16/06/2010 19:24  Author webmaster  Hits 2913  Language Global
MEPs in Brussels today voted against attempts to exclude self-employed hauliers from the Working Time Directive.

UKIP MEP Derek Clark said that it meant that time spent on administrative tasks, including seeking new contracts, was now included towards the daily limit on driving time.

"This is yet more hyper-regulation from Brussels, which will do nothing but increase costs on the self-employed. The only people this will increase work for are staff in unemployment benefit offices as self-employed drivers find they can no longer make ends meet.

"Naturally, UKIP voted against this measure [for the report]. What is appalling is how many British MEPs from other parties supported it at a time when self-employed drivers need all the help they can get.

"Not only will this increased burden impact on drivers, but ultimately it will result in higher prices for consumers. Once again, the European Parliament has shown how divorced it is from reality in the middle of a recession."

The Bauer report would have modified the working time directive and exempted self employed drivers from the Working Time Directive. The inclusion of self employed drivers will penalise them, especially those who do not use an agency. Company drivers have their schedules provided, but true independents spend time preparing their own schedules and bidding for new business.