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Tory Brexit backsliding on key EU withdrawal amendments
Date 05/07/2017 15:42  Author webmaster  Hits 2504  Language Global
Press Release

Today, the European Parliament voted down several UKIP amendments which explicitly called for the protection of UK fishing waters, scrapping the Brexit bill and ending ECJ jurisdiction in the UK. Conservative and Labour MEPs joined forces to vote down these proposals along with the rest of the Parliament.

Gerard Batten MEP and UKIP Brexit spokesman commented:

“The Conservative government is making some encouraging noises but their MEPs gave the game away today. As usual, the Tories say one thing in the UK but vote for the opposite in the European Parliament.

They are fully prepared to allow European courts to have power over us for years and years to come and submit to EU blackmail over the Brexit bill.”

“We have set out a clear plan to repeal the 1972 European Community Act as soon as possible and ensure a speedy and unencumbered Brexit whilst saving billions and billions in extra EU contributions.” 

Joint motion for resolution

UKIP amendments (Amendments 91 – 95)
Results of votes - UKIP amendment results between pages 38 - 47