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UKIP EU Exit Plan - Brexit Must Mean Exit!
Date 28/06/2017 16:19  Author webmaster  Hits 2318  Language Global

Press Release

Let’s turn the tables on Brexit negotiations by first leaving then utilising the economic strength that Britain possesses to give the EU an economic imperative to speak to the British government on London’s terms, argues Gerard Batten in the UKIP Brexit strategy document released today.  

The British economy is as big as the EU’s 20 smallest economies combined. This fact, argues Batten, incentivises the EU to talk turkey with the UK. So let’s seize the initiative and change from being supplicants to the powerful major domo in negotiations.  

The British government has got its current negotiating strategy all wrong, argues Batten, and says the UK must seize the initiative and save ourselves a lot of both time and money.

Gerard Batten MEP: UKIP Brexit Spokesman

The UKIP EU Exit Plan explains just how Brexit can and must mean a speedy
and unencumbered exit from the European Union.

Repeal of the European Communities Act (1972) must be the first step in
the process, not the final step.

The links below, and the attached PDF document, explains in 118 pages, how
the Her Majesty’s Government and Parliament could and should seize the initiative and take control of the leaving process.



Chapter 3 (page 10) gives a five-point summary of how this can be done.  The full document explains the rationale under UK and international law, and how exit would apply in major areas of policy now controlled by the EU, e.g. trade, immigration, farming, fishing, security and defence, and police and criminal justice measures.  

Brexit is an ongoing process and periodic updates may be issued.  

If you have any questions contact Gerard Batten: Email

Gerard Batten
Member of the European Parliament for London
UK Independence Party