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Lord Dartmouth to Baroness Ludford: Join our campaign against European Arrest Warrant
Date 15/06/2010 14:30  Author webmaster  Hits 2727  Language Global
Speaking during yesterday's debate in Strasbourg on the directive concerning 'rights to interpretaion and translation in criminal proceedings', UKIP MEP Lord Dartmouth appealed to the rapporteur, Baroness Ludford (Lib Dems, ALDE), to "join our campaign to repeal the European Arrest Warrant."

"This directive is one of a series whose total effect is that every citizen and resident of the United Kingdom is subject to being carted off to jail in other European countries," Dartmouth said.

"This translation directive is a fig leaf. It's trying to stick plaster over the near decapitation of Britain's hard won liberties at the hand of the European Arest Warrant."

"Whether the country is Portugal in the case of Gary Mann, or Hungary in the case of two South Western constituents, there is simply not the same legal protection for the individual as it pertains in the United Kingdom, whatever illusions have been peddled in this chamber."

Lord Dartmouth also pointed out that "the directive is flawed" since it was up to the prosecutor to decide what is relevant for translation and what is not.

"Moreover," he said, "there's a chronic and absolute shortage of translators and interpreters, not least because the institutions of the European Union absorb so many."

"Our distinguished colleague, Barones Ludford, has characterised herself many times as a campaigner for human rights. I would ask the lady, therefore, just this once, to put aside her obsession for a federal Europe and join our campaign to repeal the European Arrest Warrant. That is what matters," Lord Dartmouth concluded.

Speaking some time later, and following UKIP MEP Gerard Batten's address, Baroness Ludford maintained that "this directive is in the spirit of Magna Carta, habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights, whereas UKIP would let bank robbers and terrorists escape justice." Watch video here (includes Gerard Batten's speech and his subsequent question to Baroness Ludford)