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Goodbye Sir Ivan. Welcome Nigel Farage?
Date 03/01/2017 17:40  Author webmaster  Hits 2931  Language Global
Press Release

Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP's Brexit spokesman has welcomed the resignation of the the UK's Ambassador to the EU, and has made a suggestion for his replacement.

“UKIP welcomes the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers as  the UK’s Ambassador to the EU.

“Sir Ivan had done the decent thing and stood down from an untenable position.  If Mrs May were serious about leaving the EU she would have removed him long before.

“Sir Ivan is a Europhile who could not be expected to represent Britain’s national interest in the withdrawal process, which is long overdue in starting and which now needs to be pursued in earnest.

“Mrs May should not fill this post with a new Ambassador until we have Repealed the European Communities Act (1972) and returned supremacy of law-making to the UK Parliament.

“She should instead appoint committed Brexiteers to posts of talking to the European Union about how Britain intends to leave under our terms and under our law.

“Only when those matters are resolved should she appoint a new Ambassador to the EU.  And that person should be there to represent Britain’s national interests to the EU, not represent the EU’s interests to Britain.

“Perhaps Nigel Farage would consider taking up the post?  After all he ably demonstrated in the Referendum campaign that he knows more about the EU than any other British politician, and he can be relied upon to defend Britain’s interests”.