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Stop wasting taxpayers money - Marta Andreasen
Date 14/06/2010 18:42  Author webmaster  Hits 2510  Language Global

"Those who believe they have a right to get salary increases while their counterparts in the member states are suffering reductions, or losing jobs, are wrong," UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen told Euro-Parliamentarians in Strasbourg today.

"Those who believe we can continue to spend more and more at a European Union level without anybody noticing are wrong. Please, let us stop this waste of taxpayers' money, now!"

Addressing the European Parliament during the debate on the 'mandate for the trilogue on the 2011 Draft Budget', Ms Andreasen said she was there to ask for "a drastic reduction" in the EU's 2011 budget.

"The crisis we are going through requires that the European Union tightens its belt as much, or more than the member states," she said.

Ms Andreasen added that increasing the budget "with the argument that we are investing in programmes to get Europe out of the crisis is not honest, more so when we look at the results of the programmes on which the EU has spent taxpayers money in the last decade."

"Or would we be in such a crisis if the EU had spent the money efficiently?"